Gold Mine

Coming 2015

(Book 4 of the Blazer Saga)
by James Cogdill

Jordan Blankenship is Blazer.

Now that the whole world knows, his life has encountered a whole new set of challenges. Darren Vollaire is dead set against letting that stop Jordan's effectiveness or the work of Dragon Securities. Even with his secret revealed, Jordan finds himself wearing a whole new set of masks.

His relationship with Vollaire is pushed to the limit when an old foe of Vollaire's resurfaces, striking deep into the heart of their operation. With Frog's life hanging in the balance at the hands of the mysterious Goldmine, Jordan comes face to face with the consequences of all the masks he has worn in his life. The revelation of Goldmine's identity will have a greater impact on Jordan's world than anyone could expect.

And as the walls of safety crumble around Jordan, a new enemy awaits, preparing for the right time to strike.

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